Phi Sigma Phi Announces Honorary Rockwell Chapter

MADISON, WI – Phi Sigma Phi National Fraternity at its 2021 Special Legislative Session approved the creation of a new honorary chapter, the Rockwell Chapter of Phi Sigma Phi, for brothers who are veterans or active duty military members. Nominations to the honorary chapter is set to begin in September 2021 and will be published on the website (and linked to this announcement upon release).

Named after Phi Sigma Phi Founder Dean Rockwell, the Rockwell Chapters purpose is to honor those who have served our country, rising to the highest honor we can bestow. Founder Dean Rockwell was a Navy Cross recipient for his actions on D-Day and was a lifelong supporter of military men. As a national fraternity, a significant portion of Phi Sigma Phi alumni membership participate in some form of post-graduation military service.

National President Dustin Blankenship had this to say at the creation of the chapter, “This is so important for us as an organization. We must find new and special ways to engage our active and alumni membership. We have a history of military service that runs deep in this organization. I am honored to serve as the National President who resided over the creation of this honorary chapter. We hope this will serve as a small token of our appreciation to those brothers who go above and beyond and answer the call.”

Making the day more special, the Delegation from Lambda Chapter of Phi Sigma Phi at Eastern Michigan University, Dean Rockwell’s home chapter brought forth the resolution to form the honorary chapter which went on to be approved unanimously by the voting body of the membership.

Phi Sigma Phi hopes to involve the chapters in further acts of service by engaging with the Rockwell Chapter as it grows. If you are a Phi Sigma Phi active or alumnus who is involved in a branch of military service, please reach out to a member of the National Staff so that the organization can be sure to honor you as a member of the Rockwell Chapter.

About Phi Sigma Phi National Fraternity, Inc – Phi Sigma Phi was founded on July 30th, 1988 in South Bend, Indiana, by its Seven Founding Chapters. The goal of Phi Sigma Phi is to make good men better, accepting all regardless of their means or other superficial characteristics. Phi Sigma Phi places a strong emphasis on philanthropy, scholarship, and brotherhood. Through the Phoenix 7 Foundation’s Dean Rockwell Scholarship Program, Phi Sigma Phi provides a scholarship to a brother at every campus around the country, as well as to a graduate student winner. Thousands of brothers have been initiated into the fraternity throughout the years and the organization is set for rapid expansion over the next decade. For more information, check out

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