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Create a Phi Sigma Phi Chapter

Forming of a Colony

An interest group can be formed by as few as one good man. Once an interest group is formed, it begins the process of seeking university recognition and additional members. Ideally, an interest group will be made of at least 5 men, with a preference of 10 or more. Once the interest group expresses a desire to become a colony, the colonization process will begin.

  • A colony of Phi Sigma Phi is formed by male students on a college or university campus
  • A Colony may be considered a “probationary chapter”, that is, the men of the colony are working for recognition as a full chapter of Phi Sigma Phi
  • Written permission by school administration to form a colony of Phi Sigma Phi
  • Rules and guidelines for forming a student group on campus
  • All interested members then become Colonists of Phi Sigma Phi.
  • Ceremony conducted by nearest chapter
  • Colonists have all the rights and privileges of Active Members except for wearing the Active Badge
  • Colonization process ranges from 12-18 months

Chartering a Chapter

  • Consistent, growing, and sustainable membership numbers, a majority of whom are underclassmen
  • Proof of at least one successful rush period
  • Need Written permission from the administration of the campus that the colony may become a full chapter of Phi Sigma Phi
  • A local constitution prepared and approved by the campus administration
  • All members have grade point averages (GPA) above the university minimum, preferably 2.5 or above (on a 4.0 scale)
  • One successful philanthropic project completed on behalf of the organization and benefiting the charity of the colony’s choosing
  • Payment of the individual chartering fee

Have what it takes?