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Conclave Program

About Conclave.

Conclave is held biennially (every two years) on the even-numbered calendar years.  The purpose of the Conclave is to get the representatives from all chapters and colonies together for a business meeting and to build and share camaraderie and Brotherhood.

When all of the attendees get together, they first participate in a fun-filled brotherhood experience that gives everyone to get to know each other and bond as Brothers of Phi Sigma Phi.  Past events have included attending baseball games, bowling, a tour of the Notre Dame Football stadium, go-carts races, and dinners among other activities.

The Business Meeting consists of voting for National Officers, budget information, National Constitution and By-Law changes or updates, chapter reports, and more.  Chapter representatives vote and approve and have a voice in fraternity affairs and legislation.  The formal dinner is followed by a speaker, and National Fraternity Awards for Chapter and individual achievements are given out.

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