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Associate Education

What is the Associate Education Program ?

The Associate Education Program is intended to assist the Associate Member with learning and understanding the roots of the fraternity experience. The program is typically a 6-8 week process when you will get to know your brothers, fraternity, and campus. Each new member receives an Associate Handbook that should be used as a continual reference throughout membership in Phi Sigma Phi. The Handbook discusses a wide variety of important topics, including the history of Greek Letter Societies; the history of Phi Sigma Phi; and an overview of our goals. In addition, each Associate Member will choose a Big Brother who will serve as a role model a mentor to help the new member as he progresses through his education and first experiences as a fraternity member.


What you get from the AEP.

From the diligent study of the Associate Handbook, and participation in the activities of the chapter, the Associate Member will gain insight and appreciation of the traditions, rituals, and purpose of Phi Sigma Phi. This will enable the man aspiring to gain full membership into Phi Sigma Phi to enjoy all the benefits of his experience as an Associate Member, and develop the skills and knowledge necessary to become an Active Member of Phi Sigma Phi! The Associate Education Program is dedicated to the members of the Original Seven, the Founding Chapters of Phi Sigma Phi National Fraternity, Inc. and to all of our Alumni who have paved the way and made this unique fraternity a success! We sincerely hope that you find your experience as one that enriches your personal endeavors.

Our Vision.

Phi Sigma Phi believes that the education of Associate Members through the organization is an occasion of great importance. In keeping with fraternity tradition, our Associate Education Program is just the first step of a life-long endeavor to achieve great things. Like any Greek organization, we have traditions and information to which only members have access. But we believe that part of our responsibility, as a progressive fraternity in a time of changing winds in the Greek world, is to maintain an open dialogue between Associate, Active, and Alumni Members. Furthermore, most of our events incorporate Actives and Associates equally, and on the same level, with the goal of building unity within the fraternity so that these two groups might become just one.

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